Ripples: Influence, Impact and Connected Leadership

I have been reflecting about influence, impact  and connected leadership today.  How do others influence me? How do I influence others?  How far does one’s influence/impact reach?   When I think about influence, I think of ripples.  The first ring of impact is quite visible and deep but is the smallest in diameter. The rings continue to grow, but may not have as much depth and impact as that first ripple effect. Of course the ripple effect is going to differ based on the kind of impact.  The impact of a stone will have a larger ripple effect than a single rain drop. We are constantly being influenced by other sources.  What started as one ripple, may be morphed by the influence of another, and another.  Even external disruptions like bugs and boats – (technology) – will have also cause a ripple effect on the original impact of the ripple.

Riplle Picture

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Today I presented at the Symposium of Women Educational Leaders conference a session called Learning and Leading with Social Media.  This presentation is a compilation of many influencers from my PLN that has had an impact on me for many years.   Even last night, as I was finishing my presentation, I sent out a single tweet.

Tweet from Apr 25.

Tweets and ripples

That tweet was picked up and retweeted by Kory Graham (@korytellers) who in turn sparked some tweets by  @ShellTerrell  @pammoran  @RosaIsiah  @teachwithsoul  ‎@AllysonApsey @Jennifer_Hogan @JennBinis and then tweets from Australia @mlobrien1 and New Zealand @vanschaijik started coming in – offering to help and support.  This wasn’t just a sprinkle of support -but a pouring of support from women leaders from all across the globe. (View the storify  conversation)  

As I presented my thoughts of connected leadership to  admin and aspiring administrators in MN today, I began to wonder – what kind of ripple am I creating?  Am I making an impact?  Or a ripple of influence? My PLN, I have created and interact with, continues to mold who I am professionally, what I believe, and where I will take action. My hopes is to  pay it forward with drops, rocks, ripples to support other educator who are willing to make their own ripples with their peers, pln, and most importantly – students!


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