Goal 2 – Deepen my understanding of today’s educational environment

Learning today and Leading tomorrowWhy this is important to me: As a technology director, my 21-year career in education is somewhat nontraditional. My path originated from the “technology” side. First with a two-year electronics technology degree (1996) and then followed up with  a bachelor’s degree in business information systems (2005). Both degrees helped me become a better “technologist” and gave me a great foundation in implementing information systems within our organization.  A foundation that has deepened through numerous applied  “on the job” experiences. Then in 2010, my education lightbulb went off.  While my master’s major was in information and communication technology – my emphasis area was a 15 credit graduate certificate in eLearning.   While the “e” part in e-learning was easy for me (technology) it was the instructional design process in e-learning that was completely transformed my understanding and vision where technology and instruction can coexist to deepen and amplify learning.  

Of all the areas of my job, this (instructional innovation) is my passion. I not only want to continue to grow my understanding/skills in this area, but also support the growth of educators across my district/region/globe.


Action Steps

Instructional Focus/Professional Development Action Steps

  • Complete the design of the Innovative Instructional Leadership graduate program and publish courses with creative commons licenses so that others may use and/or adapt.
    1. Right now my students are in course 4 – Real World Learning Design.  We are off to a great start.  I would like to work on creating more engaging f2f sessions while modeling the effective use of technology with instruction/learning.
    2. Timeline – May 2016
  • Conduct JITT Trainings (small group) – Create/design purposeful PD for educators around district goals while modeling good instructional practices.  Collaborate with instructional coaches on design and delivery.  
    • Possible topics:
      1. ePortfolios (done)
      2. Making thinking/learning visible
      3. Using the SMARTBoard as a student station (differentiation)
      4. Maybe focus on the competencies – creativity, collaboration communication, critical thinking/problems solving, community service, careers,
      5. Student-centered learning
      6. Differentiation to personalization
    • Timeline at least 5-6 times per year starting in Sept.
  • Deeper/Personalized Learning (district wide) – This year I have been able to collaborate with our curriculum director and instructional coaches on all school PD.  We have 3 days in all and kicked off our first day during workshop week around deeper learning.  I want to work on modeling engaging learning experiences during these meetings.  I also want to find ways for educators to share what they have learned!
    1. My contributions to the Aug PLC day (presentation, website) Deeper Learning  Action plan (I used google forms with Autocrat to generate information from a google form to this google doc)
    2. Timeline: We will have another session in October, and one in March.
  • Improve presentation skills, facilitation skills, and coaching skillsCoach Clipart
    • Cognitive Coaching Certification
      • So far I have received 1 day of training out of the 8.  One of the things that I have observed, in these sessions, is that the trainer uses some great instructional practices I would like to try during JITT’s.  I would also like to try coaching at least 5 people.  I think this model could also be useful on a larger scale – not just for classrooms – but potentially other leaders.  
    • Implement at least 5 new small group/large group PD strategies that engage learners

Learner-Centered Action Steps

  • Develop understandings of the early learning environments.  Of all the different age levels and groups, I am least familiar with understanding the learning environments in grades PK-2.  I would like to gain a better understanding of great pedagogical practices in these grade levels.
    • Attend/participate in an Online Course: Building Rigorous & Robust PreK-3 Learning Environments – this is a FREE 18-week course through MESPA/MDE.  
      • Notes from kick-off day – One thing that I learned from this day – is there are many similarities in what we want in PK-3 classrooms and. HS classrooms.  
    • Observe understandings in PS Walkabouts
    • Potentially design PD around this (Instructional coach and/or principal)
    • Visit innovative early learning schools (Austin? – October?
  • Participate in Renegade Leadership Book Study to learn more about the environments in other schools.


Resources Needed (dollars, people, resources)

  • Training – Cognitive Coaching
  • Training –  Online Course: Building Rigorous & Robust PreK-3 Learning Environments
  • Work with #wsucohort1 teachers to practice Cognitive Coaching Skills
  • Find at least 1 early ed teacher to work with to design/create rigorous/robust PK-3 learning environments.  (I may need to work with Primary principal  and instructional coach to find someone)
  • Seek to find pk-3 innovative schools/classrooms outside of Byron to observe interview.
  • Find opportunities to collaborate on the development of PD with building principals
  • I’d like to try and co-facilitate a district book study (Innovator’s mindset?)
  • Reflection of progress (self and with others)





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