The time for change is now.

Scott McLeod had an excellent presentation he developed on for the K12 Online Conference.  Dr. McLeod reflects upon key concepts from Dr. Clayton Christensen’s work regarding disruptive innovation. The presentation draws primarily from two of Dr. Christensen’s books, The Innovator’s Dilemma and Disrupting Class, and focuses on the different ways of thinking that are now mandatory if school leaders are to successfully navigate their organizations in transition to the 21st century. Key points from other leadership models also make their way into the presentation.

The time for change is now.  Our future is inevitable.  Would it not be better to be proactive and start adapting to our future, instead of scurrying to try to catch up?  We are a very talented organization – it is time to tap into our stakeholders talents and prepare our district for the next generation of learners.  Please watch the video.  It is 20 minutes long.  Scott does an excellent job relating the reading material to education.  What are your thoughts?  What are our districts next steps?